Trump May Day

With Trump today promising a new arms race with Russia and his desire for a ‘Reagan Thatcher’ relationship with Theresa May… I decided it was time to produce a homage to the classic 80’s CND poster.

The original classic is here.

Theatre Bubble

Theatre Bubble was initially launched in 2008 as a social media site for theatre and live performance built on the Elgg platform. The site was relaunched on WordPress in 2012 with a complete redesign. Theatre Bubble is a hub of reviews, news and opinions: the site generates an RSS driven weekly and daily newsletter with around 2,000 subscribers as well as a Facebook group of close to 4,000 members. The magazine is now run by a team of 4 editors, and over 30 regular contributors.

Peter Owen Modern Classics Relaunch

A complete rebrand and relaunch of the Peter Owen Modern Classics imprint. The brief was to return to Peter Owen’s classic 1960’s aesthetic made famous by designer Keith Cunningham, given a modern 21st century ‘edge’.

Client: Peter Owen Publishers Ltd.

Cardboard ‘Victorian’ Fireplace

Concept design for a cardboard ‘victorian’ fireplace. The concept was to create a replica of a victorian fireplace out of card which could be easily flat packed and assembled at home. The prototype is made out of cut out layers of card.

UK Major Ports Group (UKMPG) Website Design

A full redesign and relaunch for the UK Major Ports Group website. The key design brief was to keep the site simple: the core users for the site were identified as being at a low level of digital literacy. Users would be accessing the site from potentially quite old hardware or hand held devises, so a clean, simple and mobile responsive site was key. The site was built on the WordPress CMS using the Genesis framework and includes event management, integrated CSS driven newsletter, members only area, social media integration and secure document storage and sharing.

Wedding Invites

A private commission to create wedding stationary based on Mackintosh style roses. The rose design was created using colours provided on swatches of the material used in the brides dress.